Saturday, March 8, 2014

Display shelf

I have shelf issues.  I need more space to show off figures.  I also have a heap of blue foam I cannot store.  Sometimes, solutions require putting two problems together.  Often with glue.  Lots of glue.

I had planned to do more display boards like my stonework one to make an intricate dungeon lair display that can double as shelving- but time is not my friend at the moment.  Rather than wait, a simple interim board will have to do for now.  A simple old school stone wargame style step hill will have to do.

Here, in step 1 I glued blue foam layers together with weldbond and hammered cocktail sticks in to reinforce.  Once dry, I coated the whole lot in modgepodge to seal and strengthen it.  Detailing and surfacing next.

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