Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New old lead

Shiney new old lead, all mounted up and ready to spray.  Cue thunderstorms and rain.

Yep.  Sydney weather.

I just want to point out The Standard Miniature's Killer Penguin.  My brother in law got this for me.  Ain't he a peach?

This gaffy stick (OED.  noun.  A stick onto which miniatures are suck for wot to get painty wiv.) also features some Rackham shooty bald men.  Because. 
Some Ral Partha classics may also catch your learned gaze- a 3 stage witch doctor set and Drizzzle pants Drizzt himself.  My wife staggered me by recognizing him and said she read all the books.

I called her a sad, sad nerd, then went back to playing with my little lead dollies.

Grenadier's flying carpet is front and centre.  I remember seeing this for the first time in 1991 at school friend Gareth Parry's big brother's epic warhammer table.  He also had the chaos ass cannon and naked torture chamber girls.  Sigh... teenage joy.  Plus... these where all being fielded- a unit of ninja where munching orcs whilst a hobgoblin rocket launcher laid into a balrog.  Fuck you game balance!


  1. Flying carpets ,ass cannons,naked girls,ninjas ,orcs,rockets and balrogs .My kinda party just needs added pirates aliens and zombies . Lovely load of old lead there gotta get me a gaffy stick :)