Saturday, March 8, 2014

Display shelf part 2

Cracks where drawn in with a pencil.

The next step in the process involved making up a goop to harden, texture and color the surface.

This recipe is two parts weldbond, five parts fast drying wall filler, one part acrylic house paint (I had it mixed up to match vallejo model color german camo green).  I added a sprinkle of fine sawdust flock (noch alpine) to give texture without acting as glasspaper on the minis.

Here is the first coat- a couple will be needed.  I am tempted to add in a few cast details at this stage.  A backboard would be a good idea to stop minis falling down the back of the shelf.

A citadel Skelly vs.  Darkling Dwerg


  1. If the cliffs were a bit higher you could fit a dungeon door in somewhere. Barrows of the Dead sort of thing. Are you going to try any trees?

  2. No, it's just a quickie. The next one will enjoy more detail by far.