Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hobby goals

This post is more for me, whilst I pass time in a car trip to get my head together.  Still, it may interest you.  Who knows what sick twisted things you get pleasure in.  People like Kanye, for example.  That worries me.

Okay so my goals in general in rough order.  I will throw in limited editions and one offs now and then.

Darkling demo figures
   Toads, dwerg ordinance, burrowguard

15mm Warbands for skulldred
   Splintered light elves and undead.

28mm minis for skulldred
  Hasslefree amazons
   Mirliton barbarians,
Megamini dwarfs (good and evil)
Viking forge lizards
Reaper monsters, half orcs, amazons

Warband project: 
This project is to get a functioning, finished painted warband of each factions I have collected.  The idea is to expand these out later to complete my collection.  Each must have a leader, standard or musician, three troops and a wizard.

C01 Fighters (blue)
C01 Fighters (Red)
Savage Orcs.
Norse Dwarfs
Chaos thugs.
Paladins/ battle lords
Dark elves.
Wood elves.
Night horrors.
Halfling & Gnomes.
High elves.

Chaos in rough order:
   Slaanesh (rebase), Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeench, Undivided (rebase) and eventually Malal.  Dwarfs of chaos mixed in as I go.

At least five models finished of the above before moving on...

Undead assault
Last three dwarfs.
Undead painted ready to base (I want to base them exactly in the order they appear in the diorama about five to a base).  Then hunt remaining minis.

♥Giant month:  original citadel giants, ogres, trolls- lund giant and ral parthas.  Oh my!

♥ Malifaux month:  all my collection.  A hodgepodge of neverborn, resurrectionists and outcasts.  Yay finicky multipart metal.  Meh.  But so purdy.

♥ Dragon month.  Much wings!  Such Dragons!  So scales!  Get at least five of my dragons assembled- including Kegox.

♥Demon month.  Possible now.  Pencil it in.  Lots of succubi.

Terrain upgrade time!

♥ 36" square soft dirt board with batts to stop warping.  Good for all genres.  My old board is too small, too warped, too heavy.

♥Undead assault board: 36" square water effects base board, islands, hills, and more mushroom stands.  (Castle and bridge modules next year.)  Back board?

Warband phase 2:  Y'arrr!

At this stage I should have a water board, so it is time to hit the high seas with...Skeletal pirates, Pirates, Ninjas, Samurai, Cryx pirates.

2.5d card boat for playing above, or tortuga like docks?  Then maybe a real boat model.

Rogue trader warbands 2012?

Playable squads of (in order) space orks, crimson fist, eldar, dreadnoughts, tyranid/zoats, space pirates, guard, adventurers, chaos cult, genestealers, tallaran dog soldiers, death world fauna, judge dredd and perps.
Modern chaos, modern sisters, remaining sci fi figures. Necromunda escher.

spikey plants, Domes, yoghurt tub towers, necromunda bridgeworks, Shanty town buildings, refinery pipes and landing pads.  Starting with pieces of cover and working up to buildings.