Sunday, March 9, 2014

Display shelf part 3

And I am done... a quick paint job and a matt seal and I had just enough time to squeeze in the last episode of game of thrones season 3.  Total time about two hours.  It's nothing special,  but it is durable and solves the display space problem nicely.

The next one I do will be a more elaborate affair.


  1. Looks great - love the zoat-mutant and was wondering if you ahve a close-up of the blue-skinned orc?

  2. Looks pretty sweet. I love the D6 pillars! I might have to make a few of those with my crappy bicycle dice. Where'd you get the idea?

  3. @Kasper

    i think this is the orc

  4. Simple, yet beautiful. It really allows you to get a better view of all those fantastic miniatures.
    I may have to do something similar in my display cabinet.

    And I agree with Mattias above, those dice columns are great. I might just make some for a bit of tongue in cheek humour on my Warhammer table :)

  5. Fantastic! What the flip is "modgepodge" :P


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