Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Talisman Dwarf and Satyr,  Mormo Jabberbinder (Ugezod Orc Shaman) and early preslotta beastman

Talisman figures are very hard to collect.  They are reasonably rare, and run up high prices on Ebay.  Because of this, inferior pirate copies are common.  Aly and Trish Morrison headed up the Talisman range, giving the figures a goofy, whimsical look which packed them full of olde charme.

Mormo is from Ugezods (huge sod, gettit?) Death Commandos, and where sculpted by Nick Lund.  They are quite primitive sculpts in some respects, I am going to go out on a limb here and they they showing a craftsman developing his skills, in much the same way early Perry figures can be far too shallow.  Because of this, they are difficult to paint and have calamari lips- which puts people off.  Details are indistinct and gaps between layers are not quite a paintbrush width apart.  That said, if you can manage to paint them they are packed full of quirky character.

The final peice here is a beastman from Runequest.  The sketches for this range are shown in the book Heroes for Wargames (Paper tiger, way oop- but the old school bible).  Sketches by John Blanche.  Whats interesting is how close to the sketches the sculpts are- even to the point of trying to to reproduce his whacky flowing weighless stances and finnicky surface detail.  Again, this makes them hard to paint, but a worthy challenge.
  I picked grey for all my broo because of those John Blanche and Ally Morrison painted from the series.  I have most of this series now, as well as the Chaos warriors from the same sketch series- very satisfying because they where OOP by the time I started collecting, so even though I could see pictures of them in White Dwarf, I couldnt buy them at the time.

Love ebay.

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