Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sister superiors

 Battlenuns, original and buggered around with

A break from vintage Citadel today- decided to paint something else for a change.  Heres a wip of what I did tonight after work.  Camera playing up, so its in a crappy format.  I say that, of course, meaning I dont have a clue what buttons I am pushing wrong.  Anyway, my photo skills aside, here are some conversions I had laying around for a while.  Simple stuff, just arm swaps and a little sculpting to fill in gaps and add packs and rosaries.  Fun stuff.
These figures are converted Battlenuns from Reaper, sculpted by Bobby Jackson.  Like all his stuff, it towers over most miniatures- they dont stand very well next to a 40k figure, for example.

  I loved messing with the figures so much I grabbed another pack so I could paint the originals too.  You can grab yours at...  Battle nun me baby  Perhaps I will  get a few more sets and convert them to gothic horror and post apocalyptic for fun.  Perhaps a chaos version.  Yeah, thats what I need, another project.

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