Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kaleb Daark, Gobbledigook, Warlock

Kaleb Daark, Gobbledigook, Warlock

One more photo before I sign off- some limited editions.
The first is Kaleb Daark, star of the comic featured in Citadel Journals- chaos warrior of Malal.  I have him on horseback too.  He is pretty rare, but not as much as The Chaos Brothers Jaek and Hellwud- a parody of the Blues Brothers.  Kaleb Daark is arguably based directly of Elric of Melnibone - an insane, powerful albino wanderer armed with a living weapon that drinks souls.  Hmmm.
  Anyway, Kaleb has an interesting history - have a google and a wiki and read all about him.  Do Elric too, while your at it ;)

Gobbledigook also hails from GW comics- this one a strip from White Dwarf.  Created by Bil, Gobbledigook faced off against Thrud (and lost), travelled into the future to battle space marines (and won).  Here he is from the White Dwarf Personality boxed set- along with his mate Nibl.  I based them together so I wouldnt loose Nibl, but they come on seperate integral bases usually.  I am tempted to sculpt his mate one day too.\The boxed set contained a few more interesting characters- Thrud, the White Dwarf and Ian Livingstone- as well as a bunch of totally forgettable ones.  I lucked into an Ian recently- he is partly painted at the moment.

Finally is the Warlock.  John Blanche painted this from a design by a contestant winner.  I am guessing he doesn't get royalties.  However, he is NOT the Warlock of Firetop mountain- but instead the Warlock from Warlock magazine- the final fantasy magazine.  This model is painted to match Johns original color scheme from the cover- including the rocks.  He was released alongside Amazona Gothique- which is also a John Blanche character (see the book Ratspike).  She is sitting on my shelf pouting at me.  No paint job until I sculpt a shield to match Johns original painting.

Goodnight from Australia.  Happy retrodel.

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  1. Loevly work on your Kaleb Daark, that warlock really is a piece from the 80's what with that technicolour clothing....