Friday, March 19, 2010

More retrodel

Chaos Knights, Chaos Familliars, Starter Set Orc Champion, Preslotta Goblin Fanatic, AD&D Female Fighter

I have two of the AD&D female fighter high level figures- but not the middle level version yet.  I am painting both, so if someone wants to buy or trade a painted figure- gimme an email.
  If your not familliar with Citadels short lived AD&D range, all characters came in three stages of development- or mounted.  Its also a nightmare to collect because the monsters all ahve lots of subtle variations.  The best collection is undoubtedly Otherworld.  You have to check it out - Go to Otherworld  .  Otherworld also make awesome range of retro inspired figures- I grabbed some of their skellies recently - bloody tricky to assemble but Ray Harryhausen would approve.
These familliars are from the recent rereleased Chaos Sorcerers set - from GW website.  I have to pick up another and convert the living crap out of them.


  1. Lovely paint job.
    Rereleased? I must visit the GW web store more often.

  2. Yeha, you can pick up a handful of good eighties minis there- dwarf adventurers (including the limited edition inferiority complex dwarf), Jes goodwin Chaos Champs and rereleases of a lot of dragons and elementals.

    That said, I just got all four elementals as originals on ebay for much less than the current GW price.

  3. I like the Female AD&D Fighter, you don't see that many of them apinted up it seems, in fact There doesn't seem to be many Citadel AD&D figures painted up out there, compared to the Ral Partha ones....