Friday, March 19, 2010

On foot and mounted


 Kaleb Daark, McDeath Earl of Harkness, AD&D Bard

Three figures mounted and standing variants.  I collected most of these individually- the Harkness mounted horse was hidden in a job lot of grenadier knights on ebay.  I will have that thanks!

The first two where thickly painted and gummed up with bluetac and araldite.  Fortunately this loosened in the Dettol bath, revealing healthy, rot and dint free figures.  Phew.

I dont plan to have a complete McDeath set anytime soon- the prices are ridiculous, and to be honest I never played the scenario so dont relate to the characters.  There is a nice feeling about having a complete set of something, especially if you gather them up seperately from bargains.  I have Banquo, Warrior of Harkness, Donalbane, Macelady and Fluffy at the moment, but mainly because they are drawn from other sets.  Time will tell.  Everyone dreams of spotting those rare figures tucked away under bad paint jobs in a job lot.  And it happens all the time!

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  1. Great start, ace miniatures and excellent painting.
    I´m also trying to handle my Citadel collection but I´a bit behind at the moment.
    See you on frothers.