Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pete Taylor inspired Demon

So here is my Scratch built 'Realm of Chaos era' style Spawn inspired by, and dedicated to, Pete Taylor.  Full bore speed modelling and painting without a seatbelt!
Yeah, yeah, this model is unpolished, rude, crude and you know what, I kinda love him for it.
He was made mainly from scrunched tin foil over wire, covered with a thin layer of green stuff.  The yellows are inspired by John Blanches orange washed yellows from the 1980s, and he is sitting on a dreadnought base.
  Look, to be honest its crap - I wouldn't dream of releasing a figure this bug eyed and unfinished, but he brings a nostalgic smile to my chops everytime I see him.  Buzzbluhhhlrkkk!

 Pete Taylor inspired scratch built spawn.  Tin foil, wire and greenstuff.



  1. It looks gross! Gross and cool. love the colour - you're right: that yellow is classic! :)

  2. It looks fantastic! Now I know what colour scheme my spawn will get.

  3. Dave, that is seriously good! You've really nailed that Pete Taylor style, especially the sunken eyes.


  4. I really miss the crazy olde days when chaos was more... chaotic.
    Very nice monster you made for yourself.

  5. Why do you say it's crap? I think it's pretty sweet! I'd certainly buy one for my growing SoBH collection.

  6. Crap? No, no sir, this is awesome!! Amazing 1980s style perfectly captured in sculpt and paint. You have now inspired me to make one :-)

  7. I kinda like him/her/it in all it's g(l)ory detail.....