Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Skaven:  Rat ogre B, A, Plague monk, Standard Bearer

Some partly painted Skaven.  The Grey Seer is based on Ally Morrisons paint job from the era- right down to the red nail polish and blue fur.  Surreal?  Much of the painting back then was- and highly ornamented and patterned.  Skaven where the brain child of Jes Goodwin (who is from Essex like me, turns out) who also designed and sculpted them.  Bless him.  Modern Skaven have more of a rattish face and an overbite - but Jes did 'em best.  You can see Jes' trade mark geometric stances, sense of weight and strong composition- which marked his sculpts out from other designers at the time who had more of a rubbery approach to stances.


  1. Hi,

    Longer time reader, first time poster*

    I know for many of the early skaven, some minis got named more than once as the background & range grew - some even had names before being "demoted" as unamed characters/units, or changing altogether (GS Gnaw --> globadier --> Grey Seer). I was wondering if the one you've listed as 'grey seer' was originally called that since I always thought it was a plague monk.

    *Kidding of course - yay me for first post!

  2. Yay first post Kit! And yep, he is a plague monk. Everyone, ignore what I said.

  3. I too love Jes' original Skaven models, I have a few I've still got to get round to basing, let alone painting.....