Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blog!

Last year my brother in law needed a Birthday present, and being a bit sentimental, I decided to get him some chaos marines and paint them for him. Thirteen years before I came over to show him how to paint his Chaos marines, and it was then I met my wife.  That was the last time I painted miniatures too, as a few years before that I had decided that chicks 'dont dig guys with miniatures'- and I was rather fond of chicks- and hey, it worked for me.  I gave away all my figures and moved to Australia.  I got a life.

Unfortunately my sentimental gesture backfired and weirdness followed.  Painting the new batch of figures kicked off a chain of events to where I am today.  Over the last year my collection has gone from five to over five hundred 1980s figures, I have caught up on a couple of decades of miniature history and painting techniques, and most suprisingly I taught myself to sculpt and cast miniatures, and am in the process of setting up my very own range of minis.

Life turns in funny ways.

These are the voyages of a man going into full geek remission.

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