Friday, March 19, 2010

Chaos generations

Front - early pre-slotta SS2 and SS3 Chaos Knights and Warriors, back- Slotta C35 Chaos warriors

So battlenuns aside, some more retro stuff for you to enjoy.  Some basecoated Kerniggits from Chaos.\\
Now these are a blast to collect- especially when you take into acount the first boxed sets had swappable heads and weapons- a completist could go nuts.  I start with a silver base and plan to tint my metals using a technique from a great tute from the Guild of Harmony website Here.  I saw some Guild painted stuff at Cancon this year- awesome, super, super smooth stuff.

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  1. What a collection. I'm really envy about you :)

    I love the metal style of Jakob Nielsen, maybe you know his web and tutos: