Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Barbarian movie extravaganza

My barbarian research fest continues, as I plan to digest one bad ass (or just plain bad) brawn, boob and blade flick a night whilst slapping paint on the Copplestone Barbarians to ensure they are fully soaked in eighties barbarity.

I added Barbarian Queen II: The Empress strikes back, Amazons, Fulchi's Conquest, Hundra and Sword & Sorcerer to my movie to-watch list. Any other recommendations?

Done all the Conans, barbarians (barbarian bros), excalibur, Scorpion king, Barbarian Queen, Masters of the Universe (uhg), beast master I, deathstalker II, Red Sonja (yor ziztah iz dahying), Yor (hes the man) and Steel Dawn. Oh, Flesh and Blood kinda fits too- maybe a double bill with Excalibur.
Any other classics I must see?

I have been collecting this range for a while too- they will have to wait until I have done Skulldred though- I still need the dead guy, archer and the falconer from this pic if anyone has trades.

Hmmm. Must get my trade list photos done....


  1. Fire and Ice by Bakshi and Frazetta?

  2. hej, well, there is another movie you have to add, its the spanish fantasy movie " the heart of the warrior " , love it!

  3. Dr. Bargle's got it just right above; Fire and Ice is a must-see if you're lookin' for barbarians. Second only to the first Conan.

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  5. I think you've covered most of the bases...for a delightfully pungent slice of 80's cheese, check out HAWK THE SLAYER. Jack Palance as a medieval Darth Vader. Brooding elf and human heroes trading baffling non-sequiturs with totally straight faces. Machine gun crossbows. Mysterious sorceresses wielding the awesome power of Silly String. A soundtrack half disco and half Spaghetti western. And if you look closely, the elf wears loafers. I never get tired of it. Plan on building a 2nd edition Warhammer game around it one day.

    There are also the excruciatingly bad ATOR movies, (Miles O'Keefe with super duper 80's glam band hair), one of which was re-packaged and re-released as CAVE DWELLERS, which was used as grist for one of the best episodes of mystery science 3,000 ever.

  6. Mouse beat me to it - the MST3K commentary turns these movies into absolute comedy classics!

  7. I have the dead guy. I used to have the bird guy too, but i cut off the hawk one day (don't ask me why) and now he is just the angry stump guy. I can look for the bird if you can be bothered putting him back together again.

    You can contact me at