Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas Haul

Merry Xmas lead addicts. What do resin fans call themselves?
Resin addicts sounds a little opium den-nish. Res'eads?
Well here is my xmas haul- so expect painty /converty versions of these babies soon...

I got two 'valkia the bloodies' to play with- Im thinking a warband of bloodletters and eighties chaos hounds led by her would be tasty. Oooh, projects... More projects!

I am rather pleased by the quality of these- after terrible Forgeworld castings and poor dark eldar finecast castings, these are almost perfect. The hellcannon is missing a ridge, but its spikes, rivets and chains are fine.

(Its still not acceptable to have a single bubble or flaw in any product as far as I am concerned. Yes, you can return problem bits, but lets face it- you shouldn't have to. Returning or fixing miscasts robs you of time, and your time is your life. Instead of GW paying for staff to do quality control, YOU pay them YOUR money to do the job for them for free. Not on.
I would like to see GW add 'checked by DJ 375' stickers on the pack. Three strikes and quality control dude Dick Johnson looses his monthly bonus.- so endeth the rant).

Still, its a big improvement, and I have to congratulate GW on the quality of new sculpts. Festus is a particularly good example of an intricate model that holds its composition at all angles and tells a story. Hell, his nurgling alone is a character piece.
I am looking forward to converting these babies. I was tempted to whack an led in the hellcannon. :)

And of course I should mention my darling wife bought me this little slice of miniature history...

Bless her. She's a keeper!

So whats your haul like this year dear readers?


  1. Nice wolf Dave ;-)

    Have a great Christmas.


  2. Thanks to you! Merry christmas!
    Aaaaaany time you want to sell them yeller asgard crab claws lemme know ;)

  3. I got sweet fuck all hobby wise. :-( mother in law got me some pewter toy soldiers from some scottish castle they visited this summer. Not exactly citadel but at least a good thought!

    1. And happy holidays ffs. Where are my manners?

  4. The xmas haul shown here is very good and have thoroughly enjoyed viewing it

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