Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wanted: Dead or... Undead

Hey leadheads, I am hunting two minis for my latest warband- a skeletal headed chaos warrior and a musician (ral partha?) from John Blanches diorama.
I have been slowly building and painting both sides of this conflict for an epic Skulldred showdown- Including scenery.

God I hate sculpting mushrooms.

Bar the elusive nottingham dwarf, the two main missing characters are these...

Wait... Dammit, thats a photo of my knee. I hate this app.

These two...

Anyone have spares?


  1. Did you say you are missing the Nottingham Dwarf? is the one who is like Robin Hood, my best friend John died of cancer this year and he had 1000's of dwarfs dating back to the early 80's when we used to shop at GW Birmingham (which sold PC's as well!!!) I am sure in the 10,000's of miniatures I inherited there is a Nottingham dwarf, it may need striping but if you need it I can donate to your site in his memory, I can strip it with dettol to or just send it for your attention, let me know and I raid the gigantic box of lead in the loft.

  2. Wow that is sad, I find myself wondering about where my collection will go once I am gone. Hopefully I will have a kid who is into minis myself.

    Yes The nottingham dwarf looks like robin hood. He is seen bottom left of the diorama standing by the sally port holding a bow.

    Wow- I would be delighted and honored to paint it up for him- I could sculpt up dwarfish shrine on the base with Johns name in runes.

    Contact me via davideking (at) gmail (dot. Com)