Friday, December 21, 2012

Sanity Claws

Never remember to paint something seasonal- this year I did... But time ran out! Here is a wip to send you into christmas!

Merry leadmas!


  1. Merry Leadmas to you too! A snowy base for Father Claws?

  2. Possibly... Or wooden floor lit in moonlight- like a home he is visiting.
    I originally planned to build a little section of snowy roof and chimney, and perhaps dress some snotlings up as little helpers!

    I also have a xmas Reaper Sophie and xmas mouslings here but have yet to prime them. Maybe next year I will be lucky enough to have citadel santa dwarf and a merry marine or two!

  3. Stupid time, always running out at its' own leisure! Sanity Claws looks good so far. What model is it, btw?

    Happy leadmas!

  4. I'll be painting Citadel LE6 Space Santa, Merry Leadmas

  5. Its LE 16 -sanity claws- limited edition