Thursday, December 20, 2012

Imperial primer

So yesterday whilst christmas shopping- (Christinsanities annual reminder to atheists like me that there IS a hell and it looks a lot like a shopping center in december), I happened to pick up a bottle of Imperial Primer to give it a spin.

Its runny gesso.
Its distinct ammonia- latex smell and shrinking properties are no different from those big assed tubs of gesso you get from art stores.
Its definitely not a primer- which is a chemically different substance which acts as an adhesive between surface and paint. In fact you can rub it off with a gentle pressure and it peels like latex.

I am filing this under 'marketing polished bullshit' with GWs flash removing brush.

Give it a miss.
I am sticking to white enamel paint on rainy days. Much tougher.


  1. thank you for stopping me getting this to give it a go...

  2. Bugger... Well... I suppose I'll find another use for my unopened pot...

  3. Tried the paint, not gonna use it for some time. The only use I see is for those times when I miss spots with my undercoat spray, otherwise, a plain useless pot and definitely not a good primer.

  4. True- but now that I found black ink mixed with liquitex flow aid is absolutely brilliant for gap filling your undercoat- it gets into every crevice and dries super thin and is a true opaque black. This holds true for edging too.

    The imperial primer did look good thinned and brushed onto chainmail- so perhaps use it up for this (or take it back to GW and say 'oops, I meant to pick up abaddon black- its not opened can I exchange it? And bat your girlish lashes at them for good measure).