Thursday, December 6, 2012

Darkling Spelltoads WIP

Hey folks, here is a quick iphone snap of my work in progress for the spelltoads, most of the way done. If you crosspost elsewhere please note they are wips and I will be posting finished, high res photos once they are done.
They still needs highlights, glazes, freehand details and eyes, plus my usual base decorations.

Left to right: Witch huntoad, Rogue toad, Zombie toad, Soldier Toad, Toadanator, Nosferatoad, Wiztoad, Tym the Enchantoad and Rollatoad.

I did these from a black base coat and black ink wash, midnight blue overbrushing up to a grey drybrush. Then a white drybrush followed by tints thinned with liquitex medium. The punchy blues come from liquitex too. Great brand.

They are hella fun to paint (but I would say that)- but they really are! I may have to break out some bullywug minis this year for a painty sesh. Perhaps Eurekas toads?

I am already brainstorming my next toad batch, but know that their existence will depend on sales of these, and their naked cousins. These toads are a pretty risky venture- about as niche as you get.
Perhaps I should run a kickstarter to handle pre-orders for a full 'Amulet' set. Think its a good idea?


  1. I've Liebstered you for your services to old miniatures

  2. These do look a lot of fun - I especially like Tim and Arnie ;)

    I for one would pick these little guys along with the regular chaps - good luck with them!

    Not sure about Kickstarter and how it all works - suppose it could drum up a bit more publicity for them?

    Would that mean you'd be sculpting up some juicy stretch goals too?

    1. Cool sculpts. Not sure I'd be in the market for the full set. Zombie toad and several Nosferatoads are must-haves though. The basic versions sound interesting too.

  3. I am not entirely down with kickstarter either, but knowing I can cover enough sales to make a mould is a great thing. I wish folk would stop bitching about them!

  4. Ooh, I scored a must have!
    I think it would be fun to do a nosferatoad encounter pack for a DnD game- a few poses, some flying- and a boss toad.

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