Friday, November 30, 2012

Copplestone Barbarians

The weather is horrible in Sydney at the moment- a muggy, still, moist heat that lurks about my studio like a... muggy, lurky thing.

Tomorrow I raid my storage for fans and aircon units, but tonight... It was all about body oil.

Yes, its barbarian time... as I dive into a warband of Mirliton (Grenadier) barbarians sculpted by Mark Copplestone for my next Skulldred photo project. Just blocked in the base colors tonight and based them, but already they stand out as an impressive bunch.
The thing about Marks work... Actually the first of two things, is that he sculpts heroes you want to play. Looking at the batch of rank and file barbarians, I would proudly play every single one in a roleplaying or video game. They all are Heroes! There isnt a dull one in there.
Secondly, Mark is a master of clean, smooth, solid masses which make painting his models a pleasure. Plenty of room for showing off blended shading and detailing, and a simple crisp paint job make them pop out on the tabletop. His imperial guard for rogue trader ushered in the first chisel faced, clean models that formed the moden GW 'chunky-edgy' style you can see on every empire models face!

Plus he always sculpts USEFUL gaming figures... Its hard to find a post apoc, future war or pulp fan who isn't packing a few copplestone!

To prepare for the painty barbarity I watched 'The Barbarians'- a truly hilarious eighties movie of glossy muscled action. Very inspiring stuff- I must buy it for my Cheesy Barbarian film collection!

Girl: 'Hurry, fetch the virgins!'
Mr. Padme 'What, only two in the whole tribe?'
Its worth noting it could be the inspiration for Queen Amidala's costumes, makeup and hair!

Lots of ideas for barbarian caravan raid project.

Pics once I get some shading in.

Next up is a bunch of Hasslefree amazons. I am really looking forward to those- especially Delphine- nice one Kev!


  1. I am surprised that you don't know that Queen Amidala was 100% ripped, wholesale from Mongolian princesses. Very lazy design! ;)

  2. You got me. I totally flunked mongolian history. Too much wagging off getting a real education.

  3. That'll learn ya! I bet you don't even know a yurt from the average tent..... ;)