Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bad weather. Bad wolf.

Great. Promised myself three days holiday before diving into my email backlog I ran up during on-site work and what do you know, humid, rainy weather.
I love this weather actually- its dramatically thundering away as I blog. However it does mean a)No resin casting or spray painting, and b) no sitting on my computer.

So I decided to cut my losses and use up the remaining batch of 3mm x30mm MDF bases while I wait. I can always sand them down a mil later if it starts to bother me.

On other news, my wife bought me this for christmas.

Its a John Blanche original, and is the very model that appears in the 1980s John Blanche, Ian Millar book entitled Ratspike.
Sorry to those who also bid on him, but its probably for the best, had you won,knowing my wife she probably would have somehow tracked you down and be quietly waiting for you in a chair in a half shadowed corner of the room when you got home, ready to convince you to rethink your purchase with deft use of gaffa tape, a car battery, a jump start kit and a looped recording of meatloafs 'anything for love' on a walkman. Bless her little cotton socks. When she gets her heart set on something!
Officially the best christmas present ever, I may have to buy her the original dental tool set from Marathon Man to compensate.
When it arrives I promise to take lots of pictures, then backwards engineer how he did his bases and do a color mix guide.
Now if I can just pry one of his yellow-orange demons out of Steves hands I can do a match for those too!
Steve also had these unreleased beauties sculpted by long time Photographer at GW Phil Lewis.

Very Bob Olley, dont you think... Hmm, I feel a new Dwerg coming on!

This is not far from a picture of a spider mutant in Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness.
Looking for the pic online I found this lovely scratch build by a cheerfully named chap called Mortis...

Very inspiring! I may have to hit the putty this month.

Another bit of arrival news to the land of lead pile (lead mountain) is a simply wonderful batch of figures that arrived today from splintered light minis. I have to just rave about these, they really raised the detail bar on 15mil. Just awesome little critters. I really dig the 15mil scene- especially painting- how fast you can knock 'em out once you know how. You can also fit a whole Skulldred skirmish game in a lunchbox.
I also love how epic it makes my 28mm game scenery look.
Now... How should I base these???


  1. Congrats on the Blanche figure win - I was watching the auction with a keen eye in the hope it might be overlooked by everyone and I could snap it up for a steal. It was not to be, but it's great that it's going to a good home ;)

  2. Wow! Nice get, Dave. Congrats to your wife- I am sure she realizes what a favor she's done for the community by ensuring this treasure goes to a good home. Phil Lewis- that's a name I haven't heard. . . in a long, long time. Might just dig out the pdf's of all those old 'Eavy Metal articles this afternoon and have another gander. Good gravy, those were good times. :)

  3. Phil Lewis... Now thats a name I have not heard in a long- long time. A long time. Before the dark days. Before the empire....

    Yep, ol- Phil 'clean enamels over black undercoat on a green stippled milliput hex base ' Lewis.
    He's toats hoopy frood.