Friday, November 16, 2012

Project: dungeon display board

My restful few days did not pan out as I hoped, and now I have to jet off to hold some training this week, so blahdy, blah- blah-
back to far too overloaded busy next week.
At least I got some things a little further along. Here is a phew crapola iphone snaps for your amusement.

This pic- All citadel: Two generations of chaos warriors, a modern plastic beastman and paladin.

Some progress as you can see on shifting to a consistent 30mm unbevelled basing system. I got these and about twenty more figures based up and enamelled and now feel confident its the right choice.

The pic shows a placcy beastman and some chaos warriors who have haunted my desk for years - they finally got a once over. Still need to do a bit on all of them, especially the red dude, but at least they are game ready now.
The muted grey-green color scheme on the beastman really tickles my eyeballs, and I feel the urge to give him some muted magically mutated marauding mates this year for a naughty noisome, noxious nurgle... Er.. warband.

The biggest part of my hobby time has actually gone on prepping stuff for Skulldred. The following is a very bad iphoto of my test piece of an undead warband. It a 15mm Splintered Light skeletal beastman mounted on a 20mm washer.

I am loving painting fifteen mil. Its about my attention span, plus these are great figures so they pretty much paint themselves. I suspect I will be expanding my 15mm collection next year and making some magnetic sabot bases for them.

Speaking of Skulldred, I gooped and quickly painted up my prototype photo board, which will double as a sales display, product and blog photographic background, storage shelving and gaming terrain all in one. Check one project off the list!

Because it needed to be hard wearing, I tried out Kamloopians Goop recipe, (acrylic caulk, weldbond and some paint- but skipped the plaster). Its really therapeutic gooping a board.
I made the mistake of sprinkling bicarb and fine sand here and there on at the third coat, which now I drybrushed it gives it a rather amateurish terrain feel. Next time its plaster and no sand.
I still need to detail it and fix up the rough areas, but I am happy in general with it as a test of XPS foam.



Now I have to rush off and finish some commission bits! Take care and make sure you eat plenty of fruit.


  1. Great looking board! Wish I had the time (and an excuse)to do things like that... Can't see what's wrong with the 'sand here and there' though?

  2. I am absolutely enamoured with your photography/display board.

    I really should get around to making some set pieces like this myself.

  3. Love that green-grey skin on the beastman- very Nurgley. I think that the armbands might 'pop' a bit more with a darker, leather-y look, though. . . maybe on the test guy's first brother? Great job on the display board, too. Can't wait to see some proper pics in the Skulldred book!

    Have a great trip.

  4. That board looks super good, the stonework is just excellent.

  5. Additionally in love with board. Really just plaster goop?! I wish the pictures were bigger though!

  6. Yeah, wifes booked the camera so its iphone only right now.

    Wondering what my next board component should be. Thinking a back wall with a wooden scaffolding deck, pulleys and ropes suitable for swash buckling- reversible with a spikey defense wall on the other side.

    Alternatively a lower dungeon piece that sits underneath this making this the upper deck.

    Dreaming of a big, vertical judge dredd city block /necromunda board built from an Ikea beno shelf. Totally playable, with elevators and led lighting. Sigh. That would be awesome.

    1. That sounds pretty awesome...

      I've been thinking about something similar.

      Specifically the Necromunda tower block that was in the UK issue 207 of White Dwarf.

      i was reading it earlier and it's sat next to me right now... Having terrain like that would be great... But where would I store something like that!?!

  7. Make it fold out like a dartboard and have it against a wall?
    I have seen some pretty cool bloodbowl pitches that fold up into a storage box.
    What if you made it in flat packable level sections and had magnets to lock each level together down the middle of the tower? You could break it down and flat pack it then.
    Hmm. Actually thats a much better idea.
    1 foot square sections each with two levels that snap together around, say, a central wooden core. Hatch/floor section magnetize in place allowing ladders and elevators to be fitted- you could shuffle and twist the levels around for different scenarios.
    You could even put it on a lazy suzan.