Saturday, October 6, 2012

White Dwarf. U doin it rite.

Today I picked up the new look white dwarf and I feel strangely compelled by it.
It addresses lots of the issues I had with the 'white cover' era. I used to buy one from time to time and rip about six good pages out and dump the rest as it was basically repeats, white space and jokes (gw prices).
The new dwarf has articles, atmospheric shots, non eavy metal armies and behind the scenes stuff which makes the book well worth the 12 bucks. Bravo.
I am looking forward to the next one taking a few more steps in that direction, and hopefully keeping up a 'little something for everyone' instead of the previous ' its dark angels this month- everyone else get f$&ked! silliness. It takes two articles to make a mag worth buying... So though obviously a big chaos release you see skaven, undead and orks getting love. Keep this up and I may return.
It was so nice seeing lotr armies sharing pages with orks and bretonian armies.
It does make me laugh that Jervis Johnson's article was about removing limitation from GW games. It was the thing that I hated about gw games since Rogue Trader 40ks first expansion started the shackling process that turned the universe from a rich fantasy into little more then a list of cants.

I hope Blanchitsu is regular- that would lever 12 bucks from my hands each month.



  1. I've come to the same opinion myself. It's certainly a promising start for the new White Dwarf. The Ben Johnson article skaven showcase was excellent. I would love to see much more focus on player's armies and models of note. They seem to have added some actual relevance to the tactical tips in the battle reports too, which is huge.

    And oh yeah, love me some Blanchitsu.

  2. I love Johns backdrop- hope they keep that up too.
    The only negative, pricing aside, is the continual rephrasing of 'finecast is gud' after the description of minis. Gets a bit tiresome considering we all know its bubbly, bendy and fragile. That said its much nicer to convert. Less sense of achievement then metal converting though :)

    I note Johns based his on what looks like non gw 30mm multibases. I personally wish GW would just go for the plunge and up all of 40k to 30mm or even 40mm basing. Their models crept up, but not the bases. Inquisitor/necromunda/][28 plays just as well, if not better with larger bases. I image 40k would benefit greatly from the step up. Especially if the new 30mm base upgrade packs came with plastic skulks and other bitz to decorate them with.