Friday, October 26, 2012

Ace of Base(es)

Done it.

First casting using a press/ overflow mould. Perfecto!

And a quick test. A 1980s slotta Paladin (Aly Morrison? -guessing by the squishy face. - comment if you know). He looks happy because he managed to lift that massive sword. Seriously. That things bigger than he is.

I added some of my Darkling Games skulls I sculpted to the overflow channel and bingo- lots of decorations. I plan to sculpt some skellies soon, so I had a load cast up.

Speaking of which, ever notice John Blanche always seems to put two skullz on each inquisiton base? Perhaps he thinks they get lonely.
So I love the look of the new bases. A nice low profile, comfy fit for long poses and room for a blanche of skullz. See what I did there? Made big B a collective noun. Spread the word!
So in a few days I will make up a couple of master moulds and churn me up a big mess o' bases. A biiig mess- a biiiiiiiig mess - Like the sort of mass over compensation you expect from a man solving a technical problem- Tim the Toolman Tailor style. Ough, ough, oooooooohw.
Perhaps I should get me a big bucket to put them in. Hey, Dave, got any good bases? Why yessir- got messelfa buckit o' dem yonder!
Now dear reader- it is such a good feeling- having solved my base angst I know I can just get on with enjoying the painting. I am already itching to get stuck into all those deliciously smooth Mark Copplestone barbarians in my stripping jar. Oh yes.
The sandy texture came out really well too- I wasn't expecting that. Its going to be wonderful not having to deal with that anymore. I hate painting sand- the base coat always its a pain, and it eats brushes. I always end up supergluing grit to my fingers too. The nice thing is my resin is black- so no need to undercoat them. Heck, I can even just line up a whole bucket of them at once and overbrush the lot.

The flagstone test came out well too. I will sculpt up a whole set now. These will do well for my AD&D miniatures, and all my Fantasy Adventurers and fiend factory figs.
Yessir. One happy nerdburger here.

Now, fetch me a bucket!


  1. glad 'the trouble with bases' is all sorted =) are you planning on selling these bases at any point?

  2. Not until I get a vacuum tank and can do quality resin. Right now its good enough for me.

  3. this is interesting. on another note several blog posts you have put up aren't accessible? a freind informed this is a thing that you are aware of, any idea how to get around it as a follower to actually see the full article instead of just the brief preview that shows in my blogger feed?

  4. Its a buggy Blogpress app. You write an entry for blog A, and it submits it to blog C and D. When you delete the offending pages it, it still shows up in the feed and on gmail.
    I am fed up with it, but the official blog app is crap too.
    Jeesh. How hard is it?

  5. God your good at your mini ID's! Paladin 06 in the 1988 Citadel Miniatures Retail Catalogue section 0106 'PALADINS' sculpted by Bob Naismith, Trish and ALY MORRISSON, and Jes Goodwin. Formerly the F2 Paladin 'Le Marquis de Sword' in the 1987 Spring Citadel Journal. You would swear I had nothing better to do than look up miniatures!