Saturday, October 13, 2012

Proxie Bases and EPS joy-joy

My first true weekend off in a long while and its been a corker. I found a retailer of extruded polystyrene (blue foam) thats open on saturdays, and finally, FINALLY got to see what all the fuss is about.
Eps is brilliant. Its magnificent. Its wargamer paradise. Mana of the... You get the idea.
I decided to cut a chunk off and experiment before comitting to a project, something I could finish in an hour or so. Thus was borne this... Er, thingie.

As promised last episode, a couple of Jes Goodwin's C01 fighters, aka Donalbane and Banquo chillin' on their new Proxie Model 30mm bases. My McDeath Skirmish is still missing Sandra Prangle, Ewen Mcgregor and the wee laird and lady McDeath themselves, but it canne hurt te hae e rest'o'em all gussied up in case they shoo.


My apologies to any Scots reading. I canne... Sorry... Can not help myself after reading the book again to get color ref.

So anyhoo, I love extruded polystyrene. I am looking forward to making the photoboards for Skulldred and my Darkling games new releases. Speaking, oh so subtly, of which...

One of the new second wave Dwerg demo models (paint job very much work in progress) mounted on a regular lipped 30mm next to one on a proxie model 30mm. They sit lower with more room for decoration.
In the foreground is the 25mm from the same range for comparison. Great low profile, and the lip gives the same showcasing effect without the dominating mass of the warmachine style base. I also like that the underside is smooth and solid. Very nice bases. Two thumbs up!

This figure is rumored to have been an Elric of Melnibone, but was shunted into the fighters range after Citadel lot the license. He surfaced in Mcdeath, but not in the paper tokens, where he is depicted as another model.

Well thats my saturday. Back to work tomorrow. :(

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  1. I had never heard of Proxie Models, but those bases look great- I like the look of a lipped base, but I also appreciate that extra space on top for more scenery. Thanks for the post; I'm off to buy some new bases.