Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Proxie bases

My order of proxie model bases turned up. I like the 30mm bases the moment I unbagged them, and after a quick test decided to commit one of my big projects to them. McDeath-dred.
I was a little worried with my mdf bases as some of these models are very expensive and rare, and I worry about acid, moisture and air entering through the wood. Probably nothing to worry about, but still that little nag was there. This gives me a good excuse to select them.

The bases are somewhat like an understated version of a darkage/warmachine lipped style base, but with a much lower profile more akin to a washer. They also have a nice groove around the inner lip that makes a neat termination to the basing material and being black plastic the black lip will be scratch proof. The underside is pleasantly smooth and solid, making the models look neat and tidy when tipped over.
On the down side, Proxie have yet to master the art of smooth tooling at the time of writing, and the finish on the sides is a little rough, not the shiney, shiney you get with chinese bases. This is a minor niggle, as in a few seconds with a bit of fine grit paper and they polish up a treat. I do this with the chinese ones as well, so no real loss of time there.

I have to say I love these bases- bravo Proxie!

The 40mm round and large chariot bases are also the bomb- finally I have a suitable home for my plague cart!

I had pictured using the bike bases for cavalry and wolves, but as they are over 2 inches long they look wrong. Judge Dredd looks a little odd on them too. I suspect these are more for ork low riders. I will set these aside for now and probably stick to 40mm rounds for horses.

No pics of the rebased figures just yet- maybe next episode.
I got me some Gale Force 9 spring moss and purple flowers to give a pass as heather.

Still, cant have you not having a pic to enjoy. Here is a quick iphoneto of my Skulldred photo board with the first stages of the cyclorama backdrop. Its just lightly sketched in with a few washes over pencil roughs so I kept it blurry. :)
Yes. Thats Warduke in the distance. My placcy D&D joblot arrived. Yay!
Warduke is my hero.


  1. Dude, you are most base-obsessed gamer I 'know' (in the sense of knowing somebody via the internet). Still, given how damn cool your stuff is you are fully exonerated.

  2. Funnily enough my wife says that too. Totally obsessed by the perfect base!