Monday, October 22, 2012

Project next...

After a huge tidy up to help focus my creaking mind on Skulldred by removing all distractions, I have a list of unfinished projects I want to complete after.

1: mcdeath skirmish

Needs a few minis, so no hurry. Een mcwrecker, turtledragon, lord and lady mcdeath. Sandra prangle.

2: 1980's citadel race warbands
Finish a warband for each race. Mostly done orc, goblin, human, wood elf, dwarf, undead. Want to finish these and add skaven, militia, skeleton, bandits, evil knights, goodly paladins, barbarians, amazons, hobgoblins

3: baggage train
My mostly done matakishi like project- a baggage caravan set with wagons, pack animals, loot and a road. I have some fantasy creatures in mind for this.

4: starport RT
Finish some rogue trader factions mounted on fenris sulacco bases. Kill team charlie c100 marines), 2000ad perps, space pirates, zoats, RT tyranids, eldar and a few doctor who models. Perhaps a dark marine set too. Necromunda amazons.

5: inquisition / post apoc 28

John blanche inspired inquisition minis set on post apocalypse bases. Judge dredd clown gang, copplestone bikers, scratch built weirdness.

6: Blanche chaos squad

Finish my converted JB yellow demon squad.

7: perfect bases

8: pirates
Got looots of minis. Not a one painted!

9: dragon month
A month of dragon assembly including articles, Kegox, Terronus (the ultimate dragon), Pathfinder red, citadel Elmore red dragon, red dragon, zombie dragon and some reaper goodies!

Lots of work ahead of me! Stay tuned folk and thanks for reading thus far!


  1. That's an awesome list of upcoming eye-candy I can't wait to see.
    Just a heads up, I can't seem to view your 'Project round up' post I can see the first paragraph in my blog feed the one with the pic of your desk that starts with "This is my desk. No. Its not normally this neat. I just cleared... but when I click on the more button or view your entire blog it seems to not exist?

    1. For obvious reasons Google are trying to censor/restrict access to this sort of material.

  2. Lol. I accidentally deleted it and rewrote it.
    I will post pic again!