Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dicing with Dragons

This arrived today- a bit fat slice of old school.

Written by Ian Livingstone, its best described as a tasting plate of fantasy rpg of the 1980s.

A quick thumb through brings a smile to my face. It kicks off with a 'what is roleplaying' chapter, scoots through a fun little choose-your-own-adventure before transforming into a trade catalogue of games at the time, before ending up with a mini painting chapter in glorious black and white with no photos. Yes. Line art mini painting examples like this...

Makes it all clear! What a gem.

There is also a chapter on video games circa 1982. Cannot wait to read that one in particular. Thats going to be my reward for completing the choose your own adventure bit.

To round the book off as a joy, its illustrated by Russ Nicholson who would later go on to do lots of fighting fantasy art. I love his penmanship! He was a big inspiration to me.

I did have a sneak peek at the chapter on mini painting. It is interesting to note how acrylics are given the brush off as 'tricky to use'- enamels are front and center, with a good word for alklyds for shading. Imagine if citadel went enamels instead?

I also like the comment that miniature painting is 'almost a hobby in itself'. Almost.

I am looking at a few intense days of hard work before I can get back to my almost hobby and read this.

I mostly read at night. Mostly.


  1. I've read that book several times and still have my copy from I guess 1982...

  2. This is so weird you posted this, I was just thinking about this book this morning. I remember seeing it in a book store as a kid. Great, now I have to go find a copy!

  3. Wow! What a find, Dave! I loved reading here that our miniature painting is "almost" a hobby. :) I might have a go at finding this book as well, as pretty much anything that came from the GW/Citadel minds at the time are always a pleasure to read. Innocence and joy before the money grab. . . great!

  4. Yay! Great book, I've got a copy but with a different cover.