Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crayons and dice

Nerdvana. To reach the state of geek bliss practice the ancient art of crayoning your red dice.
Yep, old school as drokk, my super precise game science dice arrived. How do I have them?
Opaque. Red. Un-inked.
The geek equivalent of dry. Shaken. Not stirred.

After thirty minutes of late bus waiting I managed to color most of my preciouses and took a snap because, hey, I am a serious gaming web journalist. Its how I roll.

Stop me.

I have been flat out far too busy at work to paint, (or sleep) so this interlude is hobby fix for the week.


  1. You gotta take it when you can get it sometimes!

  2. I get a sort of Zen like moment when I crayon in my dice. Sort of like a Yoga for me.