Friday, September 14, 2012

Zero hit points.

Hey folks- just to let you all know I started a blog just for discussing ideas for my old school style fantasy RPG development " D'Undred" so I can keep kingsminis purely about, well, king's minis.
Come on over and share your thoughts and experiences of DnD, TnT, retroclones and home baked games design with me while I mull over which path D'Undred will take and throw out ideas for you to bicker over!
The more the merry and pippin-er!
Meanwhile I am looking forward to some serious painting tomorrow morning as I nurse tonights festivities as a hang over. Mmmm, bacon and coffee and mindless base coating.
Its at

With D'Undred I want an experience like this.....

But without the clunky system!

Ahh, love a good dracolitch...

Speaking of which my Undead Dragon arrived recently. I have been in love with this monster since reading Pillars of Pentergarn as a child.

But between the cute cleric being magic missiled to death by Bargle in redbox dnd and lydia the red headed elf thief copping cursed jewelry that turned her into a skeleton in this book I was a little traumatized. Oh, and the girl who is killed by her jealous husband with a dagger after sleeping with you in Tunnels & Trolls solo... Jeesh.
I like my hot chicks surviving thank you very much.

Anyway, once I find an appropriate jar big enough to strip him down that dracolitch is getting some serious love and attention.

Maybe I should resurrect those girls as miniatures! Anyone know a good match for them?


  1. You would hope that there's a good match for Aleena in the Ral Partha back catalogue.

    Looking forward to what you come up with for some old school adventuring.

  2. Damn you Bargle! Damn you and your magic Missile!

    But yes... your right, I must scour the back catalogue! I have to go through Iron Wind Metals catalogs soon anyway.

    Failing that I can go for putty. Getting that Elmore smile is gonna be hard!

  3. Is this project dead or just sleeping? ;)

  4. Sleeping- I did a huge long post on backstory but lost it when my app failed. Grr.

  5. Urgh......the curse of technology! I look forward to the project awaking. ;)