Saturday, April 1, 2017

Painting handles

I discovered there is a Bunnings Hardware superstore next to a Petbarn superstore next to a Craft Superstore.  I am in this little nirvana now.  I am a happy little warcrafter.

Seriously, if you don't make use of these stores in your mini adventures you are a fool.  I pity you.  Hell, Mr. T probably pities you.

An example of the wonders to be found within these treasure troves would be my new painting handles.  Look, behold... gander even.

It's a lightweight, flat bottomed, flat topped ball just the right size for a human or even a wargamer's hand.

I have cunningly clad this bad boy in bluetac to make with the 'gripping of the miniature'.

This is especially handy now I switched to minimal bases.  Slippery little suckers.

Another handy thing you can get are these precut balsa wood blocks, which are ideal for sculpting miniatures on.  You can stick the foot wires into them easier than cork, and they rest comfortably in your palm, so your fingers don't get tired quickly.  My advice is to wrap them in masking tape to stop them getting your hands and hobby environment dusty.  I cover the tops in a fine layer of milliput or apoxie, which I sand to get a smooth, even surface.  This makes sculpting the feet flush much easier, and you can sculpt little details like faces and shields on them before moving them to the main figure.

I will be doing a video on these tricks and a PDF for my patreon supporters shortly.

Got any craft store tips?  Comment below! X


  1. I use the plastic lids from spice jars, since I have hundreds of the things and they are just the right size.

  2. As I magnetise all of my figures bases (to store them in the nice 5-tray Bunnings tool-boxes), I use small jam-jars.