Saturday, April 8, 2017

King gets a Kingpin

Don't ya just love ordering a bunch of minis online, then losing your job the next day?  Yep.

Oh well.  I am getting used to bad things happening.  It's really toughened me up. I am like a honeybadger.  A big, dykey honeybadger.  In a ninja gi.  Probably with an eighties film gang member headband.  I am now so tough, I could be a backing dancer in Michael Jackson's Bad.  Scary.

The good news is that now I have time for Darkling Games and my Kingsminis video channel.  I am back at The Arcade and things are looking great.  One day a week is full time on Darkling minis orders, sculpts and kickstarters, one day is dedicated to Kings minis TV and it's Patreon rewards- including Skulldred and Stardred betas.  The rest of the week will be focused on video games asset creation and commissions.  I officially open for business next monday.

Sooo aaanyway...

Heroclix.  Got some.  Mainly for my inner ten year old who was so dissapointed by Iron Fist I needed to give her a decent Marvel fix.

First things first, off with those huge pointless bases.  Shazam!

A butter knife is a great way to pop these off.  A katana, not so much.  Good god they hold katanas badly in Iron Fist.  *sigh*

As you can viddy, my droogs- Kingpin got himself some security. Well, they are actually gonna be backup for the two IMEF minis from PAXAus.  They will probably spend most of their table time blasting the brains out of walking dead and project Z zombies.  I have to convert them, I hate fielding identical minis.

Heroclix have some pretty cool sculpts, but as I am not a huge comic nerd I tend to only know the characters from my teen years- and that means Secret Wars I era.  Most clix are... mmmmm less than ideal for repainting. The clix game itself holds no interest for me either, but the challenge of making a prepaint look good?  Well, that I can get behind.  I have buckets of DnD, Horrorclix and Starwars prepaints in my lock up, so you will no doubt see me tackle them at some point.

I think I am gonna recast this JJ in the role of a cthulu character.  He looks particularly at home with these new Wizkids' Blink Dogs.  $7 for two blink dogs?  Hell yeah.

Yes, I buy all the dog miniatures.  All of them.  Frikkin' Wyrd know this.  Next time I have M£N€¥$, I have to catch up on my Malifaux undead dog collection.  Giant undead dog with a gut full of rats?  Yes please.  So yes.

I don't know what's wrong with me either.

Doc Ock is my favourite.  A touchy feely Roy Orbison in pajamas?  Sold!
Venom?  Looks like he belongs at a KISS concert.  Or roadkill.  I dunno.  I will figure out what to do with him later.

Look, I will be honest with ya... I got the set for Ock, JJ and Kingpin.  The Spidey looks like he is soooo bored, and it is rubbing off on... er... Gobbey... Greenie?  Whatever.  When I think Spiderman, I think dynamic mid swing or crouching.  This one looks like he is handing a bus ticket to an inspector.

I wonder who will get the Marvel license after Knight?  Kinda hoping Mantic after their Walking Dead triumph.  I would snap up some of their figures but... well, snap is the optimal word for their products (yes I am still pissed about my Harley mini snapping at the stupidly thin ankles) and I can't justify $25 for one  Racoon when I can get a box of 25 zombies for $50.

Welp, gonna love painting these up.  Just need my paints back from my former work.


  1. I have some clix minis and they look much better once you strip the factory paintjog. There is a lot of detail and character hidden under the paint. Check youtube for the best ways. I can recommend aceton and a brush. Takes only a few seconds per mini.

  2. Delaney, a question that is both off-topic and cheeky: I recently bought a load of laser-cut mdf upon which to base dungeon tiles. Looking over those printable tiles available I have to say yours are amongst the best and are what I would like to roll with. However, the mdf bases have been cut with inch squares in mind. My maths is for shit, so I was wondering whether you might be able to tell me at what reduction I should print them so that they will fit. Sorry to hear about your job. There's always plenty of positions going at my work, but the commute could be a killer...

    1. I have answered my own question! After some arsing about it seems that printing at 84.55 percent is about right for 1" squares. If I take any pics of the finished article I will be sure to share.

    2. Actually 84.50 worked better. All printed out and modge-podged down onto custom-cut mdf tiles. Looking good. Really good. Shall get pics up at some point and will provide linkage.

  3. Wow there Reaper Bones dudes with king pin and JJ with Wizkids new D&D blink dogs, now that is a cross over game system worth writing about in a drunken haze.......Mind you just picked up the D&D spiders and Griffin from the same set and they are rather nice to be honest. Have fun bummer about the job.


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