Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Oldhammer minis

So... I was looking for modern sculpts of oldhammer minis and it's actually a lot harder than it looks.  I can find kickstarters but no online shops.

Pantheon of Chaos seems to have vanished, there where some great space orka I can't find and star civilians.  Zoats too... but where?

Are there a stack of oldhammer moulds out there not being sold?  Can I do something to change that?

Comments below.  ;)


  1. Diego is putting them in his web store as he fulfills the kickstarters.

  2. Go ask at the oldhammer forum. Axiom on there and LAF has the civilian whatsits at least, they'll generally be most informed though.

  3. Depends what you mean by an 'oldhammer' mini. Krakon Games has not-fimir and other monstrous goodies, I'm sure Last Sword's knights will make it their webstore, White Knight's blog has details on how to get his wonderful halflings etc, Vialudibunda is up and running, ClaMiniatures have the great Evil Dvergar, then of course there's Oakbound Studio... really quite a few that I consider to fit the 'oldhammer' bill.