Monday, April 3, 2017

He'll be back

Ged doo dah choappah! Remember that big assed bag of imperial guard Cadians I got from a bargain bin a while back?

Welp, did a quick test peice painting directly over the original paint job.

I started off with an overbrush of Cryx Base to flatten out the original glossy finish.  A wash of army painter dark, then I dusted up through the dirt colours of my base.  I forget their names.  Dirty McDirt and Soily McSoil, with a Tyrant Skull finish.

The skin was done using a neat trick I have been using lately- by mixing the shading wash into the base paint colour coat, it both flows more easily and ties tighter to the shade.  In this case Reikland Flesh mixed in with a VMC flesh that shall remain anonymous for... uh... reasons.  Look, I haven't slept much lately.

I am tempted to fix the arms seams by building over those gloriously ridonkulous deltoids with a little green stuff- however as my sculpty kit is packed away, that will have to wait.

Overall, he was fast and fun to paint.  I have a small squad picked from the bag that I will do for now so I can use them to play Stardred with.  The rest will have a lovely bath in dettol to easy away their pains.  They may become parts for freakish cultists.  Because that's how I roll.

My Cryx army arrived today.  Not a bad paint job on them at all- however they are destined for tutorial video fodder- so they too shall know the delicious kiss of dettol.

Okay- gonna go bang gorgeous chicks in a satanic blood orgy of wanton destruction the likes of which makes angels tremble.  Kidding.  It's cup of tea and bed for me.  X


  1. Nice! I've got a small, but heavy, box of these fellas that I bought off eBay about 18 months ago in a weird fit of nostalgia. This is the look that I was going to aim for - you've dispelled my fears that the sculpts are too 'cartoony'.

    1. I find muting down colours with warm grey and weathering helps to kill cartoony looking minis. Post links when you paint them!

  2. Great skin tones on this one - so whatever your secret recipe is, it's working really well! (;

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