Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sesh of squeee

My flatmate (who, on a side note is the singer of Aussie band battle winner Party On My Darling) is off on adventures, so I have spread my mini stuff over the kitchen table in an orgy of wanton hobbying.  I am delirious with glee (or possibly fumes).

All my Reaper spoils have been based up and primed, and I am looking forward to getting all painty up in their grill.  Whatever that means.

Expect pictures folks.

Oh... I did a burlesque dance dressed as Velma Dinkley last night on main stage at a gay club.  It was an accident.  I was signed up to for the best costume awards- but it turns out it was mixed with a dance off- so I figured 'what the hell'.  So that happened.  Life tip: do these crazy things before you die.  It was a huge hit and I got all the cute girls after :p

And people wonder why I don't paint much these days ;)

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