Thursday, November 3, 2016


If you are at PAXaus Melbourne this weekend, come say hello to me!  I will be cosplaying Velma Dinkley tomorrow and helping out at the Reaper Miniatures painting tables, the Reaper Bones shop and judging some of the painting competitions!

I had the absolute obsessive compulsive joy today of arranging and mounting all the Reaper Bones blisters on the pegs.  Rather than using the item codes- which are pretty random, me and Turelio ( sorted them by race and class- so all the dungeon monster where together, all the undead, all the lizardmen etc.  it's gonna get messed up ten minutes after you 'orrible lot get your hands on them - but right now it is gorgeously sane.

I wish reaper color coded their blisters or subtly tinted the bones material per type- (all humans slight pink, orcs brown, goblins green, dark elf purple, scenery grey-etc) to help sort stuff and make them easier to simply play unpainted dnd with- but hey, the new off white and harder boens plastsic is SUCH a huge improvement I shall only gripe a little.  They are doing good.

Okay, so look for a 5'10" Velma from Scooby Doo with a painbrush, swearing like a sailor and you will probably either have found me or the woman I really need to marry.

And yes, gonna buy me some more Reaper to paint and put here!

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