Saturday, November 26, 2016

Patreonize my old school ass

My Patreon is LAUNCHED!

Free Tutorial vids are going to be monthly to begin, with additional tutorials added when it becomes possible through funding.  
Rewards include win a painted mini draw as well as PDF versions in the style of my previous 'eavy Lead articles and access to my games playtest PDFs (starting with 33mm square floorplan dungeon tiles)

When I have enough of the PDF articles, the whole lot will be collated into a compendium- available in December for free if you are a patron, or pay per pdf download or you can buy the print on demand hardcopy.

Once I can relaunch my Darkling minis site, supporters will also gain access to casts of the minis and components I make during tutorials.  I may release these some limited editions as a bonus teir.

Redbubble merch will be available later.

All this will keep me alive and making cool shit for you lovely (and obviously physically attractive if you donate) grognards.

Basically, I can't find work here in Melbourne so I am damn well making some.  Because I am a tough bitch and like to earn my keep!

I am gonna cut promo videos for kickstarter to upgrade my gear in stages.  I can't get it all sorted right away methinks.

Thanks for supporting me!  You really, really nice people you.   X

P.s not-talisman toads and bederken dwerg boxed sets will be available again shortly.  XXX