Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Do you want Video Tutorials?

Question.  How would you like to see video tutorials from yours truely?  How about everything miniatures from painting, restoring, repairs, sculpting, converting, adding spikey bitz, making scenery, throwing axes at fruit, basing and rebasing for eternity, how to ask girls out, interviews and the finer points of blending and tinting?

All done whilst swearing, attempts at dark comedy and no doubt bitching in a bitchy manner like a lil bitch in magical bitch heat about bitchy stuff?

Fuck it, I will throw in some sock puppets too.  You know I will.

So here is the deal- to unlock all this EPIC GLORY I need a good HD webcam, mike stand for pointing said cam at minis, better lights so you can see said minis and editing software so I can edit said footage.  That's what she said.

So what are your thoughts?  Kickstart?  Ongoing patreon?  Anyone want to sponsor this with in-video ads for their wargaming products?  Anyone got a top notch webcam they can donate?

Put your thoughts on the best way to go about all this in the comments below.  You know you want to.  Go on.  Be a devil.


  1. I like this guy's stuff, but I imagine yours might be more entertainingly... edgy ;) But I think he financed his through Patreon? https://www.youtube.com/user/Sorastro

  2. There will be more edge that U2, and less directly albums rudely automatically downloaded at your data expense

  3. Just watched Sorastro. So yeah, that kinda camera and lighting setup- but no epic cowbells and gregorian chanting, worse enunciation, salty language and puns. Lots of puns.

  4. Painting n Punning? Sweet. No charge for that name either.

  5. I would be up for that. When are you thinking you will need funds? I would need to recover from Holiday spending. ;)

  6. I am a growing fan of Patreon, but a crowd fund or gofundme for the initial set up may be necessary?

  7. Looks that way. I need a camera that can live feed, is HD and can keep focus on the miniature. Looks around 500-600 dollars just for that. Lens, stand, a couple of lights, software and enough to cover life whilst I set all this up. Then patreon and ads can cover ongoing.

  8. I'd love some video tutorials, and I'd be happy to support you with Patreon or something like that, not just for the content, but as an artist in general :)

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