Thursday, December 5, 2013

Turbolister Joy-Joy

So turbolister does this really cute, adorable thing where it takes grams and coverts them to ounces using an interesting bit of maths.  20 grams- the weight of a LE Motley Maniac, equates to 0.705479 oz.  Turbolister thinks 20 grams = 20 oz.

So motley maniac would weigh 566.99g- the same as shipping you 30 motley maniacs.  Imagine that... thirty limited edition motley maniacs.  Oooooh.  I went to a happy place.

So I gave ebay a call and we solved the problem by taking down the listings and crediting back all my lovely, lovely listing fee money.  All good.  Soooo... the problem is that Ebay recognised this bug in may... but here I am in december without a patch.  Great.

I thought I would help out the coder responsible by creating the elaborate code required to fix the problem.

weightB = (weightA * 0.035274)

Copy and paste this into your code.  If you can find the copy/ paste function on your keyboard- (which is the thing infront of you that you sleep on... in case you where wondering.)

Ebay recognised this error in march 2013.  It is december.  Something tells me the turbolister team has been downsized to a broom cupboard containing a bent paperclip.

I will be doing them the slow way shortly...

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