Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Plague bearer yellow and the tablehorde

Howdy lead abusers.  I am in a 'get shit done' mood, so launched into a desk full of black primed minis.
A desk full?  Madness you say.  Well yeah, but to keep things rolling along I loaded up on easy kills- things with only a few colors and details.  You know the kinda thing... dogs, rats, boars, snakes and armored things.  Three or four steps and your done.

I had intended to just preshade them and paint their bases- but got a bit carried away and started coloring and highlighting some. 

By the end of the session I tried a pus yellow color scheme on my rogue trader era Plaguebobs of Nurglepants.  Kinda John Blanche demon yellows but sliding towards green.  This was in reaction to the 'green is boring' comments.  See, I listen.
  I think these two tests work nicely- and it will merge them a little more into my chaos undivided warband.  I will throw in some redder, a pale one and a greenish one for variation.

Morrison and Kev Adams individual takes on plaguebearers.  Work in progress.

Everything from Ral Partha golems, Citadel preslotta dungeon monsters and a couple of 80's chaos champions and limited editions dance merrily across the table.  Bliss!


  1. That is so like my table,love the mix of it all.Work and decorating presently limit time to paint,maybe after xmas.Can't wait to see these beauties completed.

    1. Cheers! Me too... I forgot how exciting new paint jobs can be. Must clear some shelf space!

  2. Good work on the Plaguebearers. The truth is Nurgle can be easy to paint, but people just dry brush the heck out of the models then drown them in "wash" and call it a style. I haven't painted any of the new plastic ones, but I've painted about 50 of the metal ones over the years… I always try to come up with new skin tones so they don't all look alike.

    1. Nurgle is fantastic for new hobbyists... plus limes are usually semi translucent so you feel like a blending god!
      I have me some of the placcy ones as well- excellent fun. I got them to do conversions- but some may just make it au naturalle.

  3. HUrray, I said NO GREEN and you did it ! Now I believe if I give you my address to send ma some of the painted lead here, the spell will break...
    Seriously, this is gret work and that table of yours has got me salivating A LOT. Nurgle is easy because most people think you can do anything with it but only great painters make it stand out from just a blob of green and browns...
    I like how there is a bit for everyone here.

  4. Only because I feel sorry you have no ass. I cannot lie.