Monday, December 9, 2013

Chaos Spawn

Okay, okay... I replaced the zoats head.  Tsk... you people.
Under the knife went a two headed chaos hound.  Much more spawny.

As you can see, I got the base tints down on my zoatspawn, but am yet to highlight  or smooth out the skin.  But progress is happening- which is nice.

Also pictured are two other spawn- the body from the dog mated with a demonette, and I think I posted a pic of the Blanche inspired winged spawn a while ago.

All very work in progress.  But its nice to feel like I am gaining momentum again.

I also managed to undershade and color tint a host of 80's orcs- including two boar riding heroes from Kev Adams first ravening hordes release and some limited editions.  That was fun.  I have been dying to paint those babies since Duran Duran where in the charts.

So yes, some progress finally!  Enjoy.


  1. That Zoat spawns lookin pretty snazzy Dave.

  2. They ALL look pretty snazzy. But the Zoat spawn especially.

  3. I love these so much! Hmm, maybe one day I'll get round to painting and posting my attempt...

  4. Much better with the new head - now totally believable as a creature of chaos :) Plus you get a new girlfriend for him out of the bargain too (she's a real bitch!).

    Good work Dave!