Friday, December 20, 2013

Orcs! Lots of Orcs!

'Ere yer go.  An earlee wurk in progress... me greenies... cor lookat 'em all.  Dems boyz gettin' reddy for Waaaahhhggg.

*cough*  gosh I say, orcish is just too much like being back in essex.  Innit.

So... er... cobber...  I decided it would be nice to get as many of my orcs out for a family photo.  This is the first time they are all together.   Obviously they are all in various states of unfinished- some nary out of their undercoat- but I figured you may like to see them.  Imagine them all painted up lovely.  Cooorrrr.

So with a few days left to giftmas I probably should focus on my giftmas sophie from reaper- or, you know,  base and varnish cthulu santa from last year.  But hmmmm... maybe someone can give me some 'arsed' for giftmas because right now I just can't be.


  1. Nice to see the goblin master in person is taking the lead of this wild bunch.
    Have you already shown us the exquisite freehand on the red banner? If not, a clos up would be a wondefulgift to us leadheads ^^ .

    Merry giftmas !

  2. It has a been a real joy to have recently found your blog. I think this is closest comparison to my own collection so I relate to it a great deal. I have only just started my own blog up but shall be uploading a lot of figures that you will probably like over the next few weeks. Keep the good work coming, mate. Love it!

  3. Thanks Ned- I am jealous of your battering ram!

    Soon, assless.. the works not done and the banner is broken... never make a rigid putty banner... it cracks too easily!