Thursday, August 10, 2023

Rise of The Risers.

After eight years my old riser is looking a bit worse for wear.  Me too, riser, me too.

It got me thinking about making some new risers to improve my shelving capacity.  It would be smarter and more practical than making a sprawling scifi wargaming table, after all.

Okay then, so... say I did make some new display risers, what would they look like?

My first thought is I want to do something like Colin Dixon's box dioramas. Something that has a detachable back wall for a painting, and each level of the riser is like a little biome.

From a practical standpoint, the new risers need to have MDF bases and sides for protection.  Rather than one large unwieldy display shelf, dividing it up into two or three parts would be more practical, allowing for easier transport and more places they can be used.

I also want them to have a wall at the back and lip at the front to protect my minis from falling off.

The last requirement is that I use some more vertical space to allow clearer displays of single 30mm or 40mm based minis.  The front and back levels can be wider for bigger figures.

Okay.  Now...


Yeah that oughtta work.
This strikes me as a nifty way to use up some scenery bits in my collection.  Things like gold glass chunks and gemstones to make the mine levels interesting, mushrooms, graveyard finnials, barrels, ravens and Reaper pillars of good and evil.

I can start with a basic fantasy display, and progress to science fiction, malefaux/western and maybe a Mordheim/Brinewind one to use the bar section from the Brinewind box.

But, first things first, a prototype.

Looks like either I lose a level or focus on 30mm base shelves rather than 40.  Hmmm.