Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Minifigs Valley of The Four Winds

Minifigs Valley of The Four Winds

I absolutely love taking very old minis that may be considered janky or rough and lavishing attention on them.  These Valley of The Four Winds minis by Minifigs (Available from Miniature Figurines dot co dot uk) are a great example of minis that shouldn't be discounted for their age.  They predate Warhammer!

I am not entirely finished with them, I have plans to add some clothing patterns onto the first two, and apply some glazes to the lips on the mouth mini to make it more lush.
I may also break out the putty to add something to the rider mini (left) which had a broken weapon on arrival, and looked better standing than riding.

"Shouting Head on Arms" is the stand out mini from the range, and is the best butt demon that exists.  I may grab some more and use them in conversions.

So Bosch.

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  1. Nice find. That is a tough website to browse to find things.