Friday, September 13, 2013

Super happy flying turtle

I found these in a market at one of the knock off shops and just adored them.  Super kawaii!!!
   Here they are all mounted up on 25mm mdf bases.  At some stage I plan to paint them up and use them for a whacky manga game of Stardred.
I have no idea what they are from... nerds?  Care to prove your superiority and name that show?


  1. I seriously don't know from which sentai this comes from but to me it's still more seriously scaled than let's say...hum... a centurion spacemarine?
    Can't wait to see these babies on the fields shouting "FIGHTOOO, SUPA LASA BEAMU" against kill team Charlie...

  2. I'm not sure about the guys on the left, but the guys on the right are a mix of "mask riders" (a corny 70's & 80's Japanese TV show) & "samurai power rangers" (a recent, equally corny U.S. rip off of the Japanese shows).

    Knowledge gifted to me by my young child. Who knows, it may come in useful on trivia night?

  3. The white and black guy about 4 in from the right hand side is Kamen Rider Fourze; he's a highschool kid who wants to be friends with every other kid in the school, but they keep turning into monsters (like those on the right) - luckily he has crazy super powers from the moon to fight them with. The yellow and red guys next to him are sentai team members (the Japanese originals that they kitbash into Power Rangers, sentai means something like "task force") - it's hard to see, but I think the red guy is Red Buster from Special Operations Sentai Go-Busters and the yellow one is ShinkenYellow from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. These are awesome and basing them up like this for a game is genius; genius I shall steal the moment I see some equivalent figures :-)

  4. See... That's how its done! Geek awards all round!