Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rogues need trading

Hi.  Welcome back.  So hows that itch going?  You should probably see a doctor. 

You know... switching to Renedra 25mm bases with 4mm magnets for my scifi figs has been one of the best decisions I have made since breakfast.  

Renedra feel free to send me free stuff for endorsing you ;).

The speed I can base up figures has made a huge impact on my hobby mojo.  Trays of minis which once languished in the 'too hard' basket, now stand based up and primed and excitingly ready for color.

With 25mm vs 30mm bases I lose stability, however it occurs to me I can snap my models onto decorated 30mm washers using the hefty magnets for some games if I desire.  These bases allow for tighter storage- which is my biggest woe right now next to lack of energy from my recent illness.

Losing base decoration room actually means I don't spend any time worrying about it, and filling that empty space was eating a great deal of time.  Sure my bases wont win any awards but they are fast, unobtrustive and keep the focus on the mini.  I opted to give both my fantasy and scifi bases the same green-grey base coat, and vary the drybrush colors on that.  Keeps it quick and effortless.

I figure all this lacklustre basing gets the figure game ready- I can back and tart up the bases when I am further along.

I like seeing GW minis on non GW sanctioned bases.  Gives me a little tickle.  Not sure why.  But 25mm rounds are game legal... also amusing.  I also like bubble tea.  Also not sure why.

So now I have the excitement of knowing soon I will have heaps of rogue trader, street violence and 2000 ad figures to paint and play.  I am most excited to finally have my RT mercs and adventurers, plus an unhealthy amount of iron claw space pirates out and based, and I found a few gene stealer cultists I forgot I had.

To paint this huge influx of figures I have returned to my trusty prepaint and tint technique, using four layers of overbrushing and dry brushing with a huge soft brush, which I will then glaze over with color at my leisure.

Painting on a preshaded model is much nicer and easier than facing a black surface, plus the tooth the dry brushing gives the surface a paper like quality that helps take the color layers.  

Heres are some test figures (still have to finish the marines- the skin is flat color and the shading on the armor is a bit rough.  Anyway. .. enjoy. 

"You sure your readin' that right Orinocco?  That's inside the room?"
Generation 2 SPESS marines hanging out with an Iron Claw pirate.  A zoat passes by on the way to Iits painting apointment. mmmm... Oldspesshammer.

Start from black spray, apply these starting dark to light using ever softer, drier, drybrushing.

This makes me happy.  I am happy now see?
Citadel rogue trader and 2000ad minis with cryomek and hasslefree mini.

Genestealer karyoke.


  1. Banzai Jones here must be wetting his pants right now !
    Very sexy things ahead Mr King, looking forward to seeing them all painted very soon.

  2. Some classic lead there which has me drooling onto my keyboard. Just to reiterate: it IS drool.

  3. Just drool... wait til the zoats and tyranids arrive!

  4. Looking good Dave! I assume this is the base "highlighting" that you then ink over? can you tell me what type of brush you use to dry brush whole figures? Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Blue- yes, partially. This is the first mass production pass of the undershading. I then check the models for further flash cleanup, filling and fix any damage I missed like crushed noses. Its easy to do once shaded.
      The next step is to further shade and refine each model individually in greys. Usually a grey glaze to smooth some areas, black edging and fine edge highlights.
      Then out comes the mat medium for glazing on colors.

    2. I keep getting the urge to try this myself. I'm sure I read someone using cheap make up brushes for this technique?

      Any chance of a slightly more in depth tutorial?