Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sometimes my hobby feels like a life sentence.  Am I really going to paint up all those figures?

Hell yeah!

My lack of space, sudden outage of 30mm bases and desire to expedite my process to get me through my horde has made me explore other basing options this week, and thus a bag of renedra 25mm placcies where pulled from my huge tub of bases.  These come in sprues of 10 and are analog with washers in profile.

I started by switching my old 25mm scale Ral Partha minis to these, as they look rather swamped on my 30mm discs and would be perfect for use on 1 inch dungeon floorplans for Dundred playtesting.

After a bit of trial and error I came up with a simple system of magnetising.  I started by boring a hole in the base, sticking sticky tape to the bottom and placing this on a big arsed metal washer.  A dab of super glue in the hole and thanks to the metal plate, the 4mm magnet would leap into the hole and pull itself flush to the base bottom.   Once dry,  I peel off the tape- which doesn't stock to the superglue.   Perfect!

It quickly became apparent that renendras bases had a lot going for them.   No mdf dust for one, and widening a hole could be done with a scalpel.  Paint adheres well, and they give a great low profile. They are lightweight too.  Plastic models could be bonded directly with the base using poly cement.

So I have to say I like'em.  Renedra Unfortunately don't and won't do black (I asked them- black is a bastard to clean out of their machines).  The shipping is a problem too.  For my next batch of bases I think I will get a set custom laser cut from black plasticard with the hole prebored in and scoring etched along the center to promote adhension.  I could also get holder discs cut too for sabot trays.  Yep.

Anyhoo, I was pleased with my new rpg based minis and decided to base up some old school hertiage, asguard and Ral Partha baddies to play with them.  Out came the usual low level suspects- kobolds, goblins and some of the really tiny Tom Meier goblins that will act as mites.

Well I got on a roll, and before I knew what was happening I had ALL my old school goblins based up... and had set upon my citadel goblins as well- finally shedding the last of my hex and round slottas and consistently basing my whole goblin tribe.

Next up I tackled my elves and dark elves, my mythos cobra aliens and many more.  Painting naturally followed and I swathed hordes and hordes with my new VMC german green analog from the hardware store.   Some even got drybrushed lime green or green ocre before I finally had to concede that the weekend hobby session was coming to a close.  My final fits of madness had figures mounted on tongue depressors for squad painting.  Clearly this means my brain is looking to mass paint factory style.

I am feeling quite Virtuous.   See my efforts...

Base process

The trays... the trays!

Somewhere the tea thinks I am bonkers

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