Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Undead assault: Sveta Patchmaiden

First Emerald Moon Dwarf off the blocks...  Sveta Patchmaiden next to her photo.  The base echos the set she is standing on in the diorama with cunning use of cocktail sticks.
Sveta Patchmaiden, Pre-slotta era Dwarf adventurer (Perry Sculpt?)
I just got a disk of photos arrive from BridgendSteve, (cheerz mutchly good sir) haven't had time to look at it yet, but oooooh, so exciting!  Gonna get me some large prints!
Hopefully if there are some good shots of the banners I can digitally flatten out, undistort and clean these up to make some printable banners to scale.  (Though I plan to then graphite transfer and handpaint my own. Just to be hardcore).
I plan to assemble a digital checkoff list from Steves pictures to help track, ID and trade each and every figure.  By the end I should be able to give you a complete shopping list!  It would make a dandy collectors page on ccmwiki!

I had the heartstopping realisation that the ballista is a mini not scratch built as I had previously thought.  Fortunately I had a set of defibs in my car and mi6 on standby to fix me long enough to win the card game.... wait... no that was casino royale... I get so mixed up with my exciting life and bond movies.  Where was I?  Oh yes... The dwarf ballista used to come with the stretcher crew.  Now I have to hunt down yet another mini!

My Ral Partha jabberwock arrived too... not certain I want to saw him up to get him coming out of the water...  anyone got a broken one?

Speaking of which, I am also looking for the wings and tail of the Orc Wyvern that was used by Pete Taylor to build his infamous yellow chaos spawn.  I got me a bust umberhulk and scorpion- just need those missing parts.  And yes, the umberhulks mouth is destined for a three headed minotaur belly.  Bonus points for oldschool cool if you spotted that one coming.
I am sick with flu at the moment (where is mi6 when you need them?)  So I probably will be getting some hobby stuff done in the next few days whilst I recover.  It will be good to get a few more wins on the project board!


  1. Hardcore is indeed the word, sir: that looks stunning and uncannily like it's forebear. When this project is completed I expect to have my tiny mind blown to smithereens.