Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Undead assault: Emerald Dwarf progress

S'up dudes and dudettes?  A quick iphone snap of tonights undead assault 'emerald dwarf' session.

Work In Progress.  Fantasy Tribes Era, Pre Slotta Dwarves from a more civilized age.

   Thanks to BridgendSteves disc of reference photos, I can confidently move forward on details.  Steve had closeups of the rooftop and sally port dwarfs- plus angles on the undead horde that threw up some priceless clues to their identies.  Sadly the diorama needs a good dust and better, diffused lighting, if you work at warhammer world get thee to a supermarket for a static duster and restore this treasured part of gaming history!

   Matching colors is tricky as this diorama dates firmly in his enamels stage, however I did go old school by popping open a goblin green from the 1980s I aquired off ebay (yes that sucker is still good!).  Mmmm... smells like mullets, space invaders, rubik cubes and clannad albums.
Cheers Steve!  Support the man in thanks by visiting his ebay store and procuring more lead!

I am gonna need to offload all my doubles on ebay to help pay for the remaining undead.

Thanks also to all you weirdos emailing me with undead assault minis!  Keep em coming... I need lots of skellys still, sword swingers, spearmen and ghouls. Oh plus that ballista.
I am going to have to dremmel off the champions weapon to fit a ballista bolt... seems a shame to damage a perfectly good figure but I guess its for a great oldhammer cause.
Greeble heep!


  1. Gawd, it looks soooo good I bet John Blanche himself must be shaking in his seats in front of his screen, waiting to see the end of it al.

    (if it's the case, dear John, please give us some hints and why not any missing mini

  2. I'm nearly speechless, Dave. This is progressing fantastically well.

  3. It must be weird having someone recreating something from so long ago though. Flattering, certainly but weird.
    Paying this close of attention to one peice is giving me quite an insight into his work. I am starting to think in terms of ornimentation and weathering- both of which are about story. Why tattoo yourself? When, whats this symbol mean to the character, where did I get that stain from... how would that character decorate himself and for whom. It starts to take you beyond the miniature, through the character to the world behind it. Its that, after all, why I love Johns mini work. Little slices of questions and a thousand possible fantasies behind them.
    Hmmm.... things may be changing around here.

  4. You completely nailed it Dave, that's exactly what I feel when looking at his paintings, there's so much more than meets the eye... whith just a picture, he builds an entire background.
    Same goes for his minis, they are so full of mistery and so dense...

  5. Interesting, it will be an impressive diorama to recreate. I just painted today the C01 Chaos fighter ispired by the paint scheme of the same fighter as seen in the undead diorama (you can see it in my blog).